Junkware Removal Tool

Junkware Removal Tool

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Junkware Removal Tool

Free Adware and Malware Removal Software – Junkware Removal Tool (JRT) is another effective tool to combat unwanted programs, browser extensions and other threats. Like AdwCleaner, it was acquired by Malwarebytes after some time of growing popularity.

The utility works in the text interface and searches for and automatically removes threats in running processes, autoload, files and folders, services, browsers and shortcuts (after creating a system restore point). Finally, a text report is created on all the unwanted software removed.

Update 2018: the official website of the program says that JRT support will end this year.

Utilities for removing unwanted and malicious programs and browser extensions are today one of the most popular tools due to the growth of such threats, the number of Malware and Adware. Junkware Removal Tool is another free and effective anti-malware tool that can help in cases where Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and AdwCleaner that I usually recommend are not working. Also on this topic: Top malware removal tools.

Interestingly, Malwarebytes consistently buys the most effective products for combating Adware and Malware: in October 2016, AdwCleaner passed under their wing, and some time before that the Junkware Removal Tool considered today. Let’s hope that they will remain completely free, and not get “Premium” versions.

Note: utilities to remove malicious and unwanted software are used to detect and remove those threats that many antiviruses do not “see” because they are not, in the direct sense of the word, Trojans or viruses: extensions that show unwanted advertisements, programs that prohibit change your homepage or default browser, “unbundled” browsers and other such things.

Using Junkware Removal Tool

Searching and deleting malware in JRT does not imply any special actions on the part of the user – immediately after launching the utility, a console window will open with information about the conditions of use and an offer to press any key.

After clicking, the program Junkware Removal Tool consistently and automatically performs the following actions

A Windows recovery point was created, and then the threats were scanned and deleted in turn.

  • Running processes
  • Autoload
  • Windows Services
  • Files and folders
  • Browsers
  • Shortcuts

Finally, a JRT.txt text report will be created on all malware or unwanted programs removed.

In my test on an experimental laptop (on which I imitate the work of a regular user and not closely following what I install) several threats were discovered, in particular, folders with a cryptocurrency miner (which apparently was established during some other experiments), one malicious extension, several registry entries that interfere with the normal operation of Internet Explorer, all of them have been deleted.

If after removing the threats by the program you have any problems or it considered undesirable some of the programs you use (which is quite likely for some software from one well-known mail service), you can use the restore point that was automatically created during running the program. More: Windows 10 Recovery Points (the same in previous OS versions).

After removing the threats, as described above, I performed the AdwCleaner checklist (my preferred Adware removal tool).

As a result, several more potentially unwanted items were found, including folders of dubious browsers and equally dubious extensions. At the same time, this is not about the effectiveness of JRT, but rather about the fact that even if the problem (for example, advertising in the browser) has been fixed, you can check it with an additional utility.

And one more thing: increasingly, malicious programs are able to interfere with the work of the most popular utilities to combat them, namely Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and AdwCleaner. If, when loading them, they immediately disappear or cannot start, I recommend trying the Junkware Removal Tool.

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