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Kaspersky Cleaner – a free program to clean your computer

A new free utility Kaspersky Cleaner has appeared on the official website of Kaspersky. It is designed to clean Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7 systems from temporary files, caches, program traces and other elements, as well as to set up personal data transfer to the OS.

In some ways, Kaspersky Cleaner resembles the popular CCleaner program, but the set of available functions is somewhat narrower. However, for a novice user who wants to clean the system, this utility can be an excellent choice – it is unlikely that it will “break” something (which many free cleaners often do, especially if their settings are not fully understood), and using the program both automatically and in manual mode is not difficult. Also of interest: The best programs for cleaning the computer.

Note: The utility at this time is presented in the form of a beta version (i.e. a preliminary one), which means that developers are not responsible for its use and something, theoretically, may not work as expected.

Cleaning Windows in Kaspersky Kleaner

After launching the program, you will see a simple interface with the “start scan” button, which starts searching for system elements that can be cleared using the default settings, as well as four items for setting items, folders, files, and Windows settings that should be checked during cleaning.

Cleaning the system – includes clearing cache settings, temporary files, recycle bins, protocols (the last point for me was not completely clear, as the program decided to delete the VirtualBox and Apple protocols by default, but after checking they continued to work and remained in place. Perhaps , they mean something other than network protocols).

Restore system settings – includes fixes for important file associations, replacing system elements or preventing them from starting, and other bug fixes or settings that are characteristic of problems with Windows and system programs.

Protection against data collection – disables some of the tracking features of Windows 10 and previous versions. But not all. If you are interested in this topic, you can get acquainted with the instruction How to disable surveillance in Windows 10.

Delete traces of activity – clears browsing logs, search history, temporary Internet files, cookies, as well as history for common application programs and other traces of your actions that may be of interest to someone.

After pressing the “Start scan” button, the system automatically starts scanning, after which you will see a graphic display of the number of problems in each category. When you click on any of the items, you can see exactly what problems were found, as well as disable the cleaning of items that you would not want to clear.

By clicking the “Fix” button, everything that was detected and should be cleared on the computer in accordance with the settings made is cleared. Is done. Also, after cleaning the computer, a new “Undo Changes” button will appear on the main screen of the program, which will allow you to return everything to its original state if there are problems after cleaning.

To judge the effectiveness of cleaning at the moment I can not, except it is worth noting that those elements that the program promises to clean up are quite adequate and in most cases can not harm the system.

On the other hand, the work, in fact, is done only with various temporary files, which can also be deleted manually using Windows tools (for example, How to clean the computer from unnecessary files), in the browser settings and programs.

And the most interesting are the automatic corrections of the system parameters, which do not quite relate to the cleaning functions, but there are separate programs for this (although here Kaspersky Cleaner has some functions that are not found in other similar utilities): Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7.

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